WWE Superstar Slingshot iPhone Review

World Wrestling Entertainment seemed like an odd fit for an Angry Birds spin-off, at least until we bounced off the ropes into a pile of 2X4s, steel chairs and barrels. WWE Superstar Slingshot does little we haven't seen before, and falls a couple clotheslines short of the competition, but it's still a fun action game that lets you cause a ton of destruction in the ring.

It's real simple. If you played Angry Birds (or Trucks and Skulls), then Superstar Slingshot will feel instantly familiar. After choosing one of ten wrestlers from a list that includes The Undertaker, Triple H and John Cena, you set out to win 135 matches/levels to regain the WWE championship.

Each stage takes place inside a ring at one of 15 events. There's an opponent encased within a fortress of objects, and you must smash through these items to pulverize the other guy, scoring points along the way. Just pull back on the superstar of choice and let him rip, paying attention to the angle and trajectory. You also have the option of tapping the wrestler in mid-air for a little boost.

That said, you only receive three tries per level, but the developers let you restart at any point, just in case you mess up on the first try. It helps make the game more casual friendly.

Unfortunately, Superstar Slingshot falls a bit short. Most of the levels are fairly easy to beat, and for some odd reason, you can't pinch/expand your fingers to shrink and zoom out. Instead, you tap the screen once to zoom in on your wrestler, then tap again to pull back the camera, but it goes too far, making it tough to see the characters.

On top of that, the designers failed to secure theme music for the wrestlers, missing a good opportunity to give these larger than life heroes personality.

The strangest decision, though, occurs each time a superstar smashes into something. When that happens, his body becomes useless, so you can't hit a wooden board, for example, and take out something else on the way down.

Ultimately, Superstar Slingshot is a decent Angry Birds clone that'll appeal to wrestling fans and, well, wrestling fans. There's little reason to choose this game over the other titles in the App Store, but if you eat, sleep and breathe WWE, it provides a decent experience.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

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What's Hot: Ten wrestlers with different maneuvers, 135 levels, 15 events, responsive controls.

What's Not: Weird camera, no theme music.