Worms World Party N-Gage Review

Those violent and over-the-top critters from the Worms series have invaded your N-Gage in Nokia and THQ Wireless' Worms World Party, a game where you must lead a team of slimy and well-armed creatures into battle against the opposition. The multiplayer mode is a bit rough around the edges and the dialogue gets repetitive, but the gameplay's golden, making it an essential purchase for N-Gage owners looking for a dose of strategic fun.

I'm don't think that any kind of war should be classified as a party, but there's no denying the fun that I had with this game. Similar to Nintendo's GBA series Advance Wars, Worms World Party is a turn-based strategy game that pits your group of worms against the computer's or someone else's in a host of varied environments, the object being to viciously attack and kill the opposition. The game is undeniably cute and the worms have several different funny accents, but the gameplay is absolutely brutal.

Able to use one weapon per worm turn, you need to move the little guys into position and then unload onto the enemy with a plethora of different and deadly devices including a battle axe, nuclear bomb, shotgun, an uzi, a machine gun, dynamite, an air strike, land mines, a baseball bat, and a super sheep, and I'm just getting started! You also have at your disposal numerous items that'll help you get to a primo position such as ninja rope, a pneumatic drill, a parachute, and a teleporter, among others. The sheer amount of stuff you can mess around with combined with the myriad of different combat strategies makes this game simply a blast to play, but all of these gadgets are only part of why Worms World Party is so deep.

While the game features an attractive multiplayer mode, if you don't want to play with anyone else the single-player component is just as attractive, if not more so. If you just want to hop into a pre-made game then Quick Play is a great place to start, though I recommend going through the Training mode only because the game is quite intimidating at the outset because there are so many worms to manipulate and stuff going on. When you're finished with those two you should then move on to Missions, which are the meatier parts of Worms where you take a team and work to complete a goal.

These days it's all about customization, and Worms takes games such as Need for Speed Underground and Midnight Club 3 and kicks them to the curb. The amount of things you can tweak in this game is insane! First you start with the actual battlefield. The game allows you to select a terrain and basically mold it to your liking.

Then you move onto the rules. Should all of the weapons crates contain sheep? Do you want to enable God Mode, where the only way to kill a worm is to drown it? Do you think Retreat Time is lame and worms should be allowed to instantly retaliate? Is it better when the land is sticky? I was going nuts over all of this stuff. It got to the point where I had to just settle on something because I was spending too much time trying to figure out what the hell I was supposed to do. Actually, if you run into that problem Worms World Party has the perfect solution, that being the Wormpot. Resembling a slot machine, it lets you quickly put together a game in no time.

What should be this game's biggest appeal is its online mode, where you can play against an opponent via Bluetooth and against three in the N-Gage Arena. On the positive side, all of the customization options found in the single-player game are present so you can dazzle your foes with your sweet map-making skills. Unfortunately, using the N-Gage Arena is a pain in the butt. It's a pain connecting to it, and when I did get on the games ran slower than normal. It's certainly better to play against another person than messing around with the AI, but if all you want to do is match wits with the computer, you'll be just fine.

Just as the gameplay shines, so too does the presentation. Worms World Party is the perfect type of game for Nokia's N-Gage. The varied environments, which are destructible, look fantastic as do all of the explosions. The game's sounds are equally good, and I was quite surprised that an N-Gage game could be this loud! Plus, there are several language tracks in the game which give the worms personalities and they're quite amusing. There's just something funny about seeing a little worm blurting out dialogue with a Scottish accent.

Worms World Party is yet another quality game for the N-Gage and a must buy. It's not particularly thrilling and it doesn't offer anything new if you're a longtime fan of the series, but its rock solid gameplay coupled with its personality and deep customization options make it an essential selection for a system in need of some hits.

What's Hot: Great looking, and a fun game to play.

What's Not: Nothing new for fans of the series.