VOTE!!! The Game iPad Review

Developer Chair Entertainment just released another fighting game, but if you think it has anything to do with the studio's popular Infinity Blade franchise, you're partially correct. VOTE!!! The Game uses the same tried and true mechanics from the aforementioned fantasy combat series, but doesn't star a young warrior on a quest to avenge his family, or the nefarious and almighty God King sitting upon his throne in some monster-filled castle. Instead, it stars the two titans of U.S. politics, President Barack Obama and his Republican adversary, Mitt Romney. Yes, a free-to-play fighting game for the White House, and it's fun while it lasts.

To that end, you only have two playable characters to choose from, which puts VOTE!!! at a disadvantage compared to other iOS brawlers like Street Fighter IV Volt, largely because hardcore Obama supporters will refuse to play as Romney, and vice versa for Mitt's loyal fans. This has more to do with an online and fictitious voting system where players get to cast up to three votes for their character of choice if they manage to score 10,000, 75,000 and 250,000 points per match. From there, the votes get added to a worldwide total that may or may not offer clues to how the upcoming November election will go; currently, Obama has a sizable advantage. On top of that, the game lets users register, thanks to Rock the Vote integration.

As for the combat, it's essentially Infinity Blade, though far less brutal. The candidates don't stab each other with razor sharp weapons. Instead, one smacks the other with a microphone, BBQ fork (complete with hotdog), a rubber chicken and even the United States Constitution. Meanwhile, players press left and right arrows to dodge incoming attacks, with the goal to strike back by rapidly swiping the screen. In between that, gamers can tap the opponent to collect coins that get added to his or her overall total.

While on the subject of coinage, virtual money comes in handy for unlocking accessories, costumes and additional weapons, making it possible to put sunglasses on a candidate, or slap on a pair of boxing trunks and even superhero garb. It also comes in handy for accessing up to five perks (a player can use any two at a time) that include Health Care (can't be knocked down) and Fundraiser (coins are all $20s). Problem is, it takes a long time to amass a huge amount, and players must choose between grinding or spending real money to acquire more.

Unfortunately, there's little reason to play VOTE!!! for extended periods of time, outside of pummeling the rival candidate and contributing to that aforementioned voting system. There are only three environments (a debate forum, the White House lawn and the Oval Office), and unless players intend to unlock stuff, they'll see everything this game has to offer in 10 minutes, maybe less.

Of course, it's hard to resist laying the smack down on Obama or Romney, depending on one's political affiliation, and the cartoonish versions of each, as well as the humorous one-liners, help make VOTE!!! a guilty pleasure indeed. So while we expect the Presidential race to get especially nasty in the months ahead, some lighthearted fun is just what both sides need.

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What's Hot: Humorous depictions of both Obama and Romney, Infinity Blade style combat, fun accessories and outfits, free-to-play, cool worldwide voting system, Rock the Vote integration.

What's Not: Only two playable characters, very easy, coins are tough to come by, no multiplayer.