Velocirapture iPad Review

If there's one thing you can pretty much guarantee to get when playing an Adult Swim game then it's a little light relief. From a mobile gaming perspective, they're perhaps most famous for publishing the sublimely ridiculous Robot Unicorn Attack, as well as the equally over-the-top Monsters Ate My Condo, the frantic tower-smashing game where no-one really knows what you're supposed to be doing except smash away at it, enjoy the fireworks show, and hope the score meter keeps piling up.

The ludicrousness continues with Velocirapture, the kind of game Peter Molyneux might've got around to making with his new studio had Adult Swim not got in there first. Assuming the role of a Black&White-esque hand of God, your task is very simple: draw a line from the God-hand to the red dinosaurs that wander onto the screen in order to smite them with righteous omnipotence, while flicking the green dinosaurs gently into the same hand that floats at the top of the screen. You get bonuses for smiting multiple red dinosaurs with chained lightning strikes.

Flick the green dinosaurs to the hand. Smite the red ones. Simple.

Flick red dinosaurs at the hand by mistake and God gets jolly angry, and a meter ticks downwards with every screw-up you make. The meter also goes down should you not deal with the red enemies quickly enough, or flick the green dinosaurs too far away from the hand. Careful where you point that smiting-finger too, because if you touch a green dinosaur with it then you'll also lose meter points. Once that meter hits zero, it's game over.

There are different types of dinosaurs of both colors, so some green ones will run around in a panic (making them harder to rescue), or red dinosaurs that fly in the air will grab any of the green ones you flick near it. You'll need to keep your concentration sharp and smite those ones quickly or your game will rapidly fall to pieces.

You unlock various powers as you progress in the game and the first Super Smite is a great example of this. Once you've advanced far enough into the game, sending red dinosaurs to the next world releases their souls which you can then tap on to fill up the Super Smite meter. Once filled, this power can then be used to dig you out of emergency situations, obliterating every red dinosaur on the screen with righteous fury.

Unleash your smiting fury!

The game itself is split into two sections: an endless wave-after-wave mode where the action ramps up with greater and greater ferocity, and the Story mode which is really just much more of the same albeit with one to three "eggs" awarded depending on your performance on each level. To make your way into the differently themed chapters, you'll need to gather a certain number of eggs before making progress.

Chain-smite enemies for a higher score.

Like all of Adult Swim's games, Velocirapture is unashamedly what it is: a simple and entertaining game that doesn't take itself too seriously, and knows how to inject some much-needed, knowing fun onto the App Store. If you like your action to be fast-paced, daft, and ever-so immediate to suit those quick gaming breaks, then Velocirapture is a must-buy.

Download Velocirapture (Unviersal App)

What's Hot: Wonderfully daft, and a surprising amount of variety given the rather basic concept.

What's Not: It can be tricky to focus your finger on the dinosaur you want to select.