Trigger Fist iPad Review

Trigger Fist is a cross between old PlayStation 2 SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals and modern day Call of Duty, a fast, frantic and at times unfair third-person shooter that somehow features seamless online play for up to eight people. It's both frustrating and rewarding, a game that has less to do with skill and a heck of a lot more to do with blasting someone in the back. Flawed? Yes, and also fun, with room to grow.

The first thing that struck us about this game was the minimal presentation. There is no sweeping military music to get you pumped, or even a single-player campaign involving terrorists hatching a plot to destroy the free world. This is about as barebones as it comes, which works both for and against Trigger Fist. Bottom line, a little personality could go a long way.

On the flip side, who has time to worry about plot with all this shooting? That said, combat is most enjoyable, with three different classes (Rifleman, Gunner, Scout) carrying unique weapons, along with perks that do all manner of things, from increasing available ammunition to offering improved resistance from explosions. As for guns, you'll find the usual assortment of deadly toys, with favorites like the M4, SCAR, M60 and AK47 taking front and center, with a grenade launcher and RPG for good measure; all weapons sound different, a nice touch.

In game, the controls work well enough, as you guide your on-screen persona with the virtual stick, slide to adjust the camera and tap the fire button to shoot. With this in mind, the one problem we have involves crouching, activated by swiping downwards. All too often, we'll go to look left or right, only to accidentally kneel. On a side note, you cannot look up and down. Initially, this appeared to limit the action, but since headshots don't seem to yield more XP than hitting someone in the chest, it's mostly a non-issue.

As for an actual firefight, it's like fish in a barrel, made even crazier by six relatively small maps that don't always grant the best spawn points. Sometimes, you'll appear right next to someone, or directly in front, leaving you wide open to attack. Conversely, you'll also benefit from this, so in a way, things balance out.

In regard to modes, you won't find anything unique per se. Free-for-All is an every person for him or herself affair (first to 15 kills), and Team Deathmatch should be self-explanatory. Then we have King of the Hill, where you must hold a specific area longer than everyone else, and the bizarre Sacred Goat game type, which tasks you with carrying the animal on your back the longest.

With this in mind, the fact that Trigger Fist lacks originality makes it somewhat generic. Then again, it provides multiplayer that works each and every time, devoid of lag and other performance hiccups. This near instant gratification is ultimately what makes it addictive, as you can literally get in a quick Deathmatch any time, without the hassle of powering up a console, logging into a profile and suffering through load times. To that end, and while the $4.99 asking price is too steep, Trigger Fist comes recommended to shooting junkies in search of their next mobile fix.

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What's Hot: Speedy eight-person multiplayer matches, the option to play against bots, decently sized armory, earning XP to unlock new guns and perks.

What's Not: Only six maps and four modes, no single-player campaign to speak of, definitely lacks originality, $4.99 seems too steep for such a feature-less shooter.