Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 PSP Review

Three Tiger Woods golf games in a year and a half? Isn't that a bit much to ask? When the PSP launched in March 2005, EA Sports had a version of the golfer's video game ready to go alongside it. They released an improved edition later in the year with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06, and now here we have the inevitable sequel, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07. And now for the good news and the bad news, all delivered at once- it's still the same game that you remember.

Oh, there's a few changes in courses, and the graphics have been touched up so that they're more on par with the console editions of the game. In fact, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is probably the most beautiful edition in the series yet. The graphics move along at a leisurely pace, with utter detail poured out onto the twelve courses and superb animation details, courtesy of some great motion capture sessions. The sound, however, has very little added to it. David Feherty and Gary McCord still provide a relaxed read-off of the events in the game, although it is kinda funny to hear them flub up a call from time to time, only to correct themselves afterward. ("Get your eyes checked, McCord!") The other sound effects are minimal, but effective.

The gameplay is still about the same, and while some may find some disappointment in it, it still works gracefully. You can still set up your shots and then swing back and forth with the analog nub, and then use power and spin to help give your shot more direction. The controls are still the best in the business for golf shots, pitch shots, and sand shots, although there's still some adjusting that has to be done with the putting. It takes a little work.

The game's loaded with extras. As if challenging others to the twelve courses and tackling traditional modes wasn't enough, the game has a PGA Tour loaded with events and tournaments to compete in, as well as practicing rounds to help get your golfer better in shape for the tour and mini-games where they can try to hit bullseyes with key shots. The create-a-golfer mode is back and as good as it's always been, where you can adjust face and appearance to give them all kinds of personal touches.

But the problem here is that the game is really a lot of the same. There are some new courses, as I mentioned, but the game comes up short in count in comparison to the console version (12 against 21). The modes are the same, the gameplay hasn't been tweaked too much (save for some lofting), and the commentary hasn't been touched upon enough. It's like a supplementary release rather than a full-blown sequel, and some people are going to be disappointed by that.

But that doesn't make it entirely bad. Despite the fact little has changed, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is one of the most playable golf games you'll stumble across, and it does justice to the PSP. The PGA Tour and versus play will keep you swatting away at white balls for hours on end, and the presentation is mostly, ahem, up to par. Let's just hope that with Tiger Woods 08, a little more of the long drive is tweaked for a better all-around game performance, instead of a repeat.

What's Hot: Deep PGA Tour mode; great graphics; addictive gameplay.

What's Not: Most items from last year are present; putting takes getting used to.