Tap Tap Revenge Coldplay iPhone Review

Say what you will about the band Coldplay, but they're immensely popular. Their alternative rock/pop tunes climb the charts, and every time the band goes on tour, the concerts sell out. That's probably why Tapulous teamed up with the group to give it its own specialized version of Tap Tap Revenge on the iPhone. While it won't be everyone's favorite, fans shouldn't hesitate to plunk down $5 and put themselves "In My Place".

Tap Tap Revenge works on the same level as the Guitar Hero games, with highlighted bars moving across three tracks along a grid. However, instead of strumming notes, you tap the bars with your fingers. Time these hits just right and you'll score a combo. Once you chain 50 hits or more together, you can shake the iPhone to activate Revenge mode, which significantly bumps up your score. Miss one bar, however, and you're right back to square one.

There's one frustrating element to the gameplay. In some parts of each song, you'll need to shake your iPhone in a certain direction: left, up or down. For the most part, this works fine, but in higher difficulty settings, it's sometimes difficult to get the device to correctly read your motions. As a result, you'll miss getting a perfect combo.

The game features Coldplay-related imagery and songs. Photos of the band members flash in the background as you start each song, although the screen begins to bubble up with colorful displays as your combo builds. It's fun to watch, and never distracting as the glowing bars are very easy to see. As for the songs, there are several Coldplay favorites to choose from, including "Yellow", "Clocks", "Vida La Vida" and "In My Place". Although there are various difficulty modes and songs to unlock, you'll probably get through the whole catalog in a matter of two hours. It would've been nice for Tapulous to include a few obscure selections, such as "Warning Sign" or "Don't Panic".

However, fans won't mind returning to these songs and playing them. Better still, Tap Tap Revenge Coldplay features online connectivity to keep them coming back for more. You can connect to Facebook to compare scores with other players, and check out the band's activities through a live-running news feed. Hopefully Tapulous will offer a download feature in a future update, so players can add songs to their playlist.

If you can't stand Coldplay, we highly advise going with another Tap Tap Revenge game, such as part two or the previous Nine Inch Nails release. However, if you need a fun music/rhythm game to tap along to, this game won't make you feel "Yellow". Go on, check out "Life In Technicolor" for yourself.

What's Hot: Excellent music/rhythm gameplay, includes several of Coldplay's biggest hits, colorful graphics, easily connects to Facebook and the band's news page.

What's Not: A few more songs would've been nice, non-Coldplay fans won't get into it, at times annoying motion controls.