Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition 3DS Review

Every new system needs at least one game that makes people go "wow". Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition is that game. Capcom managed to shoehorn the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions onto Nintendo's 3DS, and the incredible result will please early adopters, thanks to outstanding graphics, fast-paced arcade fights and a clever use of the tech.

This is essentially the console game in your pocket, complete with 35 world warriors, each of which has an individual move set. Old favorites- Ryu, Chun-Li and Blanka- make a welcomed return, while newcomers- Hakan and Juri- add something new. Bottom line, there's a brawler for everyone.

On that note, the game plays similar to its counterparts, as you attempt to defeat strings of opponents in a best of three. You can even go online to challenge other gamers from around the world, or compete against friends via Wi-Fi.

That said, Super Street Fighter IV includes 3DS specific features that set it apart from other games in the series, starting with 3D Versus, a mode that puts the camera right behind your character, offering a new perspective on a classic experience. We're also big fans of the Street Fighter figurines players collect. Although they look cool, Capcom took things a step further by incorporating StreetPass functionality, allowing users to pit five of their figures against a random opponent's. Then, as these random gamers pass one another, an unseen battle takes place; they get the results the next time they open their systems. Great stuff.

Of course, this being a 3DS game, that means you can view the action in glasses free 3-D, a dazzling effect that pulls you into Street Fighter like never before, offering an untold level of depth to each fireball, jump kick and uppercut. Of course, good old fashioned 2-D more than holds its own, and you'll love this game's visuals, from Hakan's oily physique to Blanka's lightning cannonball. It's obvious that Capcom made sacrifices to get Street Fighter running on the system, most noticeably with the sparse backgrounds, but regardless, the game looks stunning.

It's also a lot of fun. Moves are fairly easy to pull off with the 3DS' d-pad (the circle pad takes getting used to), and the developers simplified things by putting four special moves on the portable's touch screen for easy access, just in case you can't move those fingers fast enough or remember long strings of button combinations.

All of this makes Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition one of the 3DS' must have titles. We've seen a few websites discounting Capcom's effort as the same old thing, but don't listen to that nonsense. This wonderful game belongs in your collection, regardless of whether you're new to the franchise or an experienced player that needs a fighting fix on the go. Pop it into your system, adjust the 3-D slider and prepare for battle.

What's Hot: Gorgeous 3-D graphics, sweet third person view, online/offline play, StreetPass support, user-friendly controls.

What's Not: Trying to bust out combos with the circle pad.