Soldier vs. Aliens iPad Review

Soldier vs. Aliens, from Bulkypix, harks back to the glory days of gaming, when all we needed was a lone warrior pitted against swarms of slimy xenomorphs. Forget about co-op or easy mode. Just give us one tough-as-nails space marine, armed to the teeth with high-powered weaponry and hordes of nasty-looking creatures begging for an interstellar beat-down. This game has that and more. Quite frankly, we couldn't be happier.

To that end, Soldier vs. Aliens is a cross between third-person shooter and tower defense. Your character stands on the left side of the screen while extraterrestrials of all sizes appear from the right (and sometimes the left). Meanwhile, there's a barrier between both parties, and it's your mission to keep it intact at all costs, lest you expose the soldier to the aliens' clutches.

This is where the shooting comes into play, and the controls couldn't be simpler. To maneuver the marine, you slide up and down, and to fire, you press and hold the desired target. Defeat enough enemies, and you move on to the next stage.

Naturally, it's more complicated than that. Some critters quickly zip across the screen, while the big brutes take a ton of bullets to put down. You must also contend with weapon overheating, which forces you to wait until the desired gun (be it assault rifle, plasma gun or shotgun, to name a few) cools down. Thankfully, survivors imbue the hero with a weapons boost, and you can always spend credits to upgrade fire rate, cooling and damage; buying equipment, on the other hand, adds valuable armor.

What ensues is brutal, gore-filled fun, as you lay waste to countless baddies and watch as bullets literally rip them to shreds, eventually leaving behind guts strewn along the floor, which we think is a wonderful touch. So is the inclusion of grenades and gun turrets, both of which do an excellent job painting the environments with alien remains.

With this in mind, the monster-blasting goodness lasts through 50 challenging levels, and if you manage to emerge victorious, Survival mode should bring you crashing back to reality. That said, we fell in love with Soldier vs. Aliens, and think it's one of the best free iOS titles on the App Store. Grab that Railgun, strap on some armor and get ready to fight. Aliens, prepare to eat lead.

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What's Hot: Tower defense mixed with third-person shooter, small but effective arsenal, easily understood controls, Survival mode, plenty of alien guts for everyone.

What's Not: Ads dampen the sense of dread, nearby enemies tough to kill.