Slice HD iPad Review

We're not exactly the manliest of dudes. One tiny splinter will send us screaming like little girls to the bathroom, where cries of anguish await those close enough (about a five mile radius) to hear. Hey, what can we say? We're fragile.

That said, getting cut by sharp objects never sounds like a fun time, at least until now. Slice HD is probably the bloodiest puzzle game we've seen. It's so intense that we actually flinch during play.

Here's the deal. Each of the game's 24 puzzles contains a red button (or two) that you must press to advance to the next stage. To reach it, though, you'll need to skillfully retract (and oftentimes hold) a bunch of razor sharp objects. Screw up, by touching an edge or getting poked, and a gruesome splash of blood hits the screen and you get knocked back to the previously completed level.

The first puzzle's easy enough, as you pull back a chopper and hit the red button, but things get nuts in a hurry. Before long, you'll have both hands on the iPad's touch screen in what can only be described as some warped game of Twister, as you contort multiple fingers to keep those knives and pincers in place.

Meanwhile, the developers did a phenomenal job with the presentation, with knives that look and behave realistically. The entire game has this sterile appearance, at least until things get messy. Bottom line, don't be surprised when you quickly remove a hand to avoid being cut.

That said, two or more people can team up to beat the game in several minutes, but we suggest playing solo. There's no need to cheat.

At the same time, this lack of content is Slice HD's biggest weakness. It's so good that we want more; additional levels are on the way. We'd also like a static menu screen and the ability to restart at any point. For now, a restart button occasionally appears and then quickly vanishes.

These issues aside, Slice HD is one of the most unique puzzle games you'll find on the App Store. Sure, it only lasts a couple of hours, but you'll have a blast. Just make sure to bring some virtual Band-Aids.

Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.

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What's Hot: Sweet concept, realistic looking knives, cool blood splatter, excellent touch control.

What's Not: Only 24 levels, no menu screen.