Save Toshi DX iPad Review

Puzzle games and laughter don't normally go together, but Save Toshi DX is a rare exception. This hilarious, challenging and borderline offensive App stars a stereotypical Japanese pop star that loves to dance. Problem is, she not only forgot how to walk, but also wound up in the middle of a lake atop various objects. What do you do in this situation? Come on. Isn't the answer obvious? You throw baseballs at her.

OK, so that's a partial truth. You don't peg her with a high-speed fastball (though you certainly can). Instead, you must figure out how to hit these objects in such a way as to slide, push and propel her to the goal, making sure she doesn't drown along the way.

To keep things interesting, the designers incorporated a variety of materials that affect each puzzle. Gently nudging Toshi onto some ice, for instance, helps her slide to her destination, while rubber lets her bounce to safety. In addition, you can splinter wood and knock over jade colored pillars. Succeed, and the pop icon will seduce you with her dance moves.

It sounds silly for good reason. Not only does she look the part, but she also has humorous one-liners that may raise a few eyebrows; do your best schoolgirl impersonation and you have a great idea what she sounds like. The fact that she says things like "Toshi all wet" makes things better or worse, depending on your cultural sensitivity.

Shenanigans aside, this is a well-designed and tricky puzzle game that rewards creativity. It also helps that the designers let you restart puzzles from any point with zero load times, and user friendly controls allow you to view a structure from multiple angles.

The only issues involve repeating lines (Toshi eventually gets annoying) and a ton of easy puzzles; there's an unnatural progression in difficulty. None of those complaints, though, should stop you from downloading this light hearted and smart video game. That said, a sense of humor goes a long way.

Requirements - Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

What's Hot: Well-implemented touch controls, hilarious one-liners, some head scratching puzzles, in-game achievements, impressive physics, costs $0.99.

What's Not: Repeating lines, potentially offensive character, a lot of easy puzzles.