Rocket Fox iPad Review

It won't surprise anyone who's been playing mobile games for any length of time to hear that Rocket Fox doesn't really bother much with detailed story when it comes to introducing this furry friend's adventures, instead getting stuck in straight away with an introduction to the mechanics. We'll do the same.

Fox's challenge is to proceed through a large selection of levels, all of which take place from a top-down perspective as you gently rock your mobile or tablet back and forth, left and right in order to steer Fox towards bouncy flowers. Hit these, and you'll take off on a rocket that launches you back into the sky, giving you a chance to seek out the next launching pad.

Gyroscopic controls are tight and the steering method is solid.

As with all good firework shows you've got to have a grand finale, and so certain levels will challenge you not with clearing every single flower on the screen as is often the case, but finishing off your rollercoaster ride by landing on a grand cluster of fireworks nestled in a special flower. Certain flowers also fire off destructive rockets along the horizontal plane, so you'll need to choose your next flower carefully, so as not to accidentally obliterate a critical part of the path to victory.

Visually the game is cute and cartoon-like, with subtitled and garbled voices keeping you up to date on progress. Gathering up the in-game currency also allows you to customize your gameplay with upgrades that both improve performance, and shower a little more color onto the screen. Entertainingly, and should you fail a level, then Fox will offer up a shy and embarrassed little fart by way of apology when you reach the restart screen.

All of the action takes place from a top-down perspective.

Unfortunately, after a fairly brisk tutorial section the free version of the game ends rather abruptly. While it's a teasing glimpse, it doesn't really go far enough in selling the game and leaving you eager to hand over your money for the full app. The sales-patter cut-scene that represents what you believe to be the start of the next level doesn't quite fall on the right side of tongue-in-cheek humor, and you're sent straight to the shop rather bluntly. It feels a little inelegant and out of step with the rest of the game's styling.

If you do choose to purchase the full version of the game, a variety of objectives become unlocked for future stages. Some of these require you to pass through the various flowering rings that populate each level, or task you with "awakening" dormant flowers by forcing other flowers to fire off rockets towards them. Unfortunately, we experienced a bug several times where landing on an active flower led to the poor old Fox tumbling along the floor for a while, before eventually crashing out of the attempt entirely.

Character customization options are also available.

It's well-worth taking a look at the free version of Fox Rocket, as there's enough of the game's mechanics on offer to inform whether this is going to be a game you'll enjoy. We can't help but feel that the game will divide players though, as while it has enjoyable characters with refreshing gameplay, it's gameplay that nevertheless becomes rather repetitive, rather quickly.

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What's Hot: A nice change of pace from the usual mobile games, varied objectives.

What's Not: Underlying gameplay is repetitive with occasional landing bugs. Environments are sparse.