Robokill: Rescue Titan Prime iPad Review

It's easy to look at an iPad game and groan because it's five bucks or more. You can chalk that up to the hundreds of apps that cost a dollar; let's face it, we've grown too accustomed to bargains. With Robokill: Rescue Titan Prime, though, you definitely get your monies worth. This addictive and polished third person shooter more than justifies its $7.99 price tag with more than 450 levels, upgrades and plenty of evil robots to blast, making it our newest guilty pleasure.

In it, you seek to liberate the Mars orbital station Titan Prime from those aforementioned robots. What ensues is pure twin-stick shooting bliss, ala Smash TV, where you explore a series of rooms and unload countless rounds on several different types of enemies, which include turrets, your average looking droids and even tiny bug like bad guys that swarm the mechanical hero.

The goal is to clear all of these rooms, level up and grab as much loot as possible. Do that, and you can visit the shop and purchase/upgrade a series of different weapons that include a blaster and shotgun, among other toys. That is part of the fun, experimenting with the different combinations to create the ultimate arsenal. Meanwhile, the controls are easy to pick up and responsive, and we dig the drag and drop inventory.

As for the presentation, while not the most graphically intense iPad title, the visuals get the job done, with dark rooms full of crates and robots. It could've used a bit more detail, but we'll take being able to unleash hundreds of bullets without watching things slow down from all the on screen chaos.

That said, falling off ledges (dying results in robots retaking formerly cleared rooms) is a bit too easy, but that's the only frustration we experienced.

That issue aside, we think quite highly of Robokill and consider it a great way to get your shooting fix. The wealth of upgrades, sharp visuals and fun gameplay make it one of the iPad's premier offerings. Besides, no one should pass up the opportunity to turn a small army of robots into scrap metal.

Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.

What's Hot: Over 450 rooms of evil robots, tons of upgrades, addictive twin stick shooting.

What's Not: Falling off ledges, the ho-hum story.