Ridge Racer 3D 3DS Review

Ridge Racer 3D is a wonderful mix of old and new. It plays exactly like its predecessors, as you drift around turns and punch the nitrous for a first place finish, but everything's in stunning 3-D, which pulls you into the game with a variety of cool effects.

These sweet visual touches come in the form of confetti, car parts and water droplets flying towards the screen. They come and go in seconds, but add an extra layer of excitement as you trade paint with rivals and speed through puddles.

Beyond that, the rest of the game is full of eye candy, from the numerous cars to the plethora of tracks, some of which were pulled from previous Ridge Racers. Although keeping both eyes on the road is key to success, it's impossible to ignore the fireworks, seaside view and skyscrapers in the background. It certainly won't win any awards for photo realism, but Ridge Racer 3D is one fine looking video game.

On top of that, it's a blast to play, regardless of whether you go with the circle or d-pad. Cars handle differently, but the controls are so tight that you'll be the only one to blame for losing a race.

As for modes, the single player Grand Prix will take you hours to beat, while StreetPass Duels let you exchange ghost information with other 3DS owners, providing they have the game. Finally, if friends are nearby, you can challenge them to a local race.

That said, the absence of online multiplayer knocks Ridge Racer 3D down a peg, a ton of recycled content overshadows the new stuff and occasionally, the action slows down when too much happens on screen. Those nitpicky complaints aside, this is one of the best games the young 3DS has to offer. Drift to the nearest store and grab a copy.

What's Hot: Fast-paced arcade fun, catchy music, slick 3-D effects, extensive Grand Prix mode, StreetPass Duels.

What's Not: No online play, a lot of recycled content, minor performance issues.