Requiem iPad Review

Millions of people around the world have recurring dreams of plummeting through the sky and/or drowning. The little boy in Requiem, on the other hand, has terrifying nightmares of racing through a bizarre fantasyland while being chased by a bloodthirsty bull.

As it turns out, his torment is our good fortune, because this imaginative iPhone and iPad game packs quite a few thrills in a small $0.99 package (introductory price).

Viewed from a first person perspective, Requiem tasks you with running through a series of levels jumping over boxes, dashing up stairs and crouching underneath debris, collecting gold stars along the way. Meanwhile, the bull gives chase, a progressively redder screen a grim reminder of the horror nipping at your heels.

The goal? Make it all the way to the end, hop onto a Pegasus and fly away.

It's a novel concept that brings to mind EA's Mirror's Edge, but less realistic. Similar to that game, you'll leap across objects and sail hundreds of feet above the ground, but the developers take full advantage of the child's dream state, twisting the environments to the point where you run along walls and scamper along floating boxes.

It's a lot of fun, especially with the bull right on top of you. The game definitely sends adrenaline levels into orbit.

At the same time, the controls work for and against you. It's too easy to panic and miss a jump, plummeting into infinity and having to restart.

What's more, the advanced levels are borderline impossible. Even the limited sprint does little to stop the bull from catching its prey.

On the flip side, we can't help but fall in love with the concept, and see great potential in the future, with updates that add more levels and control tweaks. Spend a dollar and take the plunge into dreamland.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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What's Hot: Thrilling Mirror's Edge style gameplay, challenging levels, attractive hand drawn artwork, universal support, leaderboard, achievements.

What's Not: Touchy controls, easy to get stuck.