Princess Fury iPhone Review

We love princesses that kick butt. Forget about all those fairy tale cream puffs. We'd rather fight alongside a young lady who knows her way around a blade, ala Princess Fury on iPhone. She looks innocent, with her purple hair and crown, but when a bunch of bad guys invade her land, she grabs a sword twice her size and tears those creeps to pieces. The fact that she stars in a bloody 2-D side scrolling action game only sweetens the deal.

As the title implies, you control this fair and battle-scarred maiden as she sets off to give knights, archers and monsters the business end of her sword. It's little more than a button masher, as you eliminate a set number of evildoers to proceed to the next mission, except there are some role-playing elements that sweeten the deal. By leveling up (from replaying stages), you're able to not only make Princess Fury stronger, but also gain access to new magic spells and different soldier types that'll aid you in combat. You can even order them to attack by tapping the screen.

Overall, the game's a lot of fun, especially if you grew up playing quality hack-and-slash efforts like Golden Axe and Guardian Heroes. We're also glad that it costs $1.99, because it's a bit light on content with 20 stages. That said, you'll probably need several days to beat it, since Princess Fury quickly becomes impossible, to the point that you'll probably want to chuck your iPhone into a wall.

Of course, that's part of the game's retro charm. Princess Fury will try your patience, but it's worth the effort, if for nothing else than to relive the glory days of 16-bit arcade fun.

What's Hot: Slick 2-D graphics, tons of enemies on screen, multiple spells, different types of units.

What's Not: Quite hard, all that hacking grows repetitive.