Pizza Vs. Skeletons iPad Review

It was probably a bad idea to purchase Pizza Vs. Skeletons based solely on our love for pizza. By that logic, developer Riverman Media could easily siphon money from our bank accounts with apps titled Hamburger Harry or Chicken Fajita Fred.

Come to think of it, we copyright those as of now.

Thankfully, this off the wall and downright bizarre video game is among the best we've played, so it's great to know the gamble paid off.

Pizza Vs. Skeletons casts you as a 25-foot-tall pizza, tasked with crushing (we'll give you one guess) a small army of spear toting skeletons (including gargoyles) while picking up pocket change along the way, which appears to pay homage to pizza deliverymen the world over; finally, a dollar.

Turns out, the game features impressive tilt controls, as you move the iPhone or iPad left to right to guide the pizza through spooky graveyards, tap to jump, then tap again to deliver a devastating ground pound that results in bones flying all over the place.

Thing is, there's more to this game than battling foot soldiers. Other levels challenge you to rescue dogs, push a giant skull off a cliff and make death-defying leaps.

On top of that, you can visit the in-game shop to customize your pizza, adding pepperoni, mushrooms and sausage, among other toppings. Want to make give the pizza a George Washington hairdo? Done. How about a top hat? Sure thing. What if you're tired of pizza and prefer to crush enemies with a baseball? A definite possibility.

The only downside? You cannot add multiple toppings at once. So much for pineapple and fish.

That aside, Pizza Vs. Skeletons is a guilty pleasure, as well as one of the strangest yet satisfying titles on the App Store. To those who ask why this game exists, we only have one response: why not?

What's Hot: Unconventional (but cooks in a conventional oven) hero, excellent tilt controls, skeleton-squashing mayhem, varied missions, large number of toppings and accessories.

What's Not: You cannot add multiple toppings at once.