Pilotwings Resort 3DS Review

Longtime video game fans have experience flying through rings in the abysmal N64 effort, Superman 64. That simple task plays a huge role in the Nintendo 3DS launch title, Pilotwings Resort, but this time, it's a pleasant experience, thanks to user-friendly controls and slick 3-D effects.

This Pilotwings bears little resemblance to the SNES original. The 3DS' advanced tech gave Nintendo the opportunity to create a beautiful 3-D world that should be instantly recognizable to Wii owners. It's WuHu Island, the tropical paradise from the smash hit, Wii Sports Resort, but instead of shooting hoops and playing Frisbee, you take to the skies in one of three vehicles: a plane, rocket belt and hang glider, all of which handle differently.

Each form of transport comes with a series of missions that go beyond passing through rings. You'll blast targets, snap photos of key landmarks and make safe landings, all for a maximum of three stars per level. This winds up being the game's biggest hook, as you'll want to grab all three stars to unlock new missions and go for 100 percent completion.

Then again, perhaps you'll prefer Free Flight Mode, which gives you a chance to explore the island at your leisure, tracking down a variety of secrets and items along the way. It's a great way to see what the game has to offer without penalty.

Of course, this being a 3DS game, Pilotwings Resort supports glasses free 3-D, and it only serves to enhance the experience, separating the vehicle from the background and giving the illusion of depth. That said, you'll still have a fun time in good old-fashioned 2-D.

With this in mind, the game still comes up short in regards to content. You can only fly through so many rings/blast targets before the appeal wears off, and there isn't much to do beyond this. Nintendo failed to include StreetPass support, and you can't compete against other players via multiplayer.

This makes Pilotwings Resort a fun albeit limited game, and one that'll quickly become a cult classic among the Nintendo faithful. We like what it has to offer, but at $39.99, we also wanted more.

What's Hot: Three unique vehicles, challenging missions, relaxing Free Flight Mode, pretty graphics, slick 3-D effects.

What's Not: Too much of the same thing, no multiplayer or StreetPass support.