Ms. Pac-Man Mobile Review

The crown jewel of Namco's entire collection of mobile arcade classics is undoubtedly Ms. Pac-Man. The game is over 25 years old and yet it still retains the same charm and pull that it had with its initial release. Young gamers weaned on 3D graphics and surround sound like Ms. Pac-Man. Old gamers who haven't owned a home console since the NES like Ms. Pac-Man. People who haven't been exposed to videogames are instantly able to understand Ms. Pac-Man's gameplay, and enjoy themselves.

The mobile port appears to be pixel-perfect, but like the original Pac-Man the dot-munching is accompanied only by silence, the only sound effects cropping up with you eat a ghost or fruit, or get caught.

Ms. Pac-Man is a showcase of mobile game design ideals, despite never being created with mobile play in mind. It's intended to be played with one hand, and there are no inputs to concern yourself with besides up, down, left, right. It's also an easy game to hop in and out of. It would be nice of the game's later maps were made available from the main menu once reached through normal play, however. If you do play mostly in short bursts you'll see the same first maze repeatedly.

Still, Ms. Pac-Man closer than any other game to being a mandatory mobile purchase. Mobile gaming is maturing, and with that maturation come longer, better playing, and better looking mobile games, but every once in a while everyone just wants to tool around some mazes, dodging ghosts.

What's Hot: The game is still super-fun

What's Not: "Waka waka waka" is conspicuously absent