Monster Burner iPad Review

You'll need fast fingers and a basic understanding of geometry (and you thought it would never come in handy) to dominate Monster Hunter, the latest iPad release from Ubisoft.

The game tasks you with torching a variety of ugly creatures with fireballs as they quickly move down the screen. All it takes is a flick of a finger to unleash hell. You can even press and hold for a few seconds to create one humongous fireball.

What's especially cool is the ability to ricochet said balls off the right and left sides of the screen, taking out groups of hard to reach monsters while increasing your score multiplier. Therein lies the whole geometry aspect, as you eyeball and make use of various angles around the playfield.

Doing this is key to advancing, since you have a limited amount of firepower, AKA mana. Each monster that breaches your defenses chips away at your health, so the last thing you want is to flick that finger, only to realize all the mana's gone. Thankfully, it recharges (albeit, slowly) over time, and you'll quickly refill it by tapping randomly appearing icons.

The more you play, the better your chance at beating friends via the online leaderboard and learning new spells to better combat the advancing horde. You can even spend a small amount of cash for gold coins, used towards the purchase of hearts to extend your life and additional mana.

Unfortunately (and unless we missed something), the game forces you to log into OpenFeint in order to play, which seems a bit silly. There's also no denying the tedium that eventually sets in, when you realize the entire game involves flicking fireballs.

Still, Monster Burner is a fun iPad title that's a sweet cross between tower defense and billiards, making it a smart pickup for gamers interested in destroying enemies with acute angles.

Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

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What's Hot: Impressive mix of games and genres, attractive and colorful 2D graphics, leaderboards make it addictive, packs quite a challenge, easier kids mode.

What's Not: A bit tedious, you need to log into OpenFeint.