Michael Jackson The Experience HD iPad Review

Michael Jackson The Experience is just that, an experience. Shame it's a bad one.

We'd like to think, with more than a full year since the console release, that Ubisoft would've invested more time in the iPad version, loading the downloadable app with tons of music and features singing the King of Pop's praises.

Instead, you pay $4.99 for just four songs. No, that isn't a misprint. Four. These include Beat It, Smooth Criminal, Speed Demon and Blood on the Dance Floor. There's more, but you need to shell out an additional $1.99 per song. We love Billie Jean, but we don't love it that much.

Well, perhaps we would have if the game wasn't such a mess. Each stage tasks you to using a finger to draw lines on the screen.

See two blue arrows slowly coming together? Draw a vertical line in their direction right before they meet.

Two pink circles doing the same thing? Draw a horizontal line.

Wait, how about two blue arrows, immediately followed by two pink circles? Vertical line, quickly followed by a horizontal line.

On second thought, that's kind of a trick question, because there may be nothing you can do. This game has serious touch recognition issues. We spent far too long sketching a whole mess of lines, only to watch as the game failed to recognize them.

Meanwhile, MJ dances throughout the whole sequence, regardless of whether we perform well or not. The only time it feels like we're in control is during the Freestyle segments, where tapping the screen causes Michael to shoot a gloved hand our way, or do one of those signature spins.

Sure, the music's good, and the animated videos are a nice touch, but that's it in terms of praise.

It all boils down to this. When a game's so terrible it makes you yearn for the days of Moonwalker on Sega Genesis, there's a problem. Michael Jackson The Experience should have been one of the premier music titles for iPad. Instead, it's one of the worst.

Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Download Michael Jackson: The Experience HD

What's Hot: High quality music, animated videos.

What's Not: Only four songs, the rest cost money, imprecise touch screen controls, boring gameplay.