Metroid Zero Mission GameBoy Advance Review

This is an extremely tough game to review. Without a doubt, this is the best Metroid game on the Game Boy Advance, and it personally rivals Metroid Prime and the NES original for the best game in the Metroid series. The feel of the whole game is perfect, from graphics to gameplay. While you play the title, you're once again floored by what Nintendo has created.

Unfortunately, you're also floored by how quickly the experience ends. This is one short game in normal mode, and I finished it with 70% of items in just over four hours. I will applaud Nintendo for having harder difficulty modes, and that should satisfy even the best gamer, but their games are usually well-balanced enough to not resort to the difficulty tricks reminiscent of a lot of third-party software.

I'm not going to say that a game needs to go on endlessly for no other reason than to satisfy reviewers and hardcore gamers. However, there is value in enjoying the aroma and flavor of a great bottle of wine. Metroid: Zero Mission is that great wine, but as soon as you start to really enjoy it, you're staring at an empty bottle.

The problem with the game's difficulty may be that Nintendo makes Samus too powerful, too quickly. This isn't the Samus of yesteryear, and while this is Metroid NES Redux, Samus can gain all of the abilities she's learned in the past games. The difficulty level plummets as she gathers these abilities at a furious pace, and it's almost laughable how the final level shows off her powers with Arnold Schwarzenegger-like invincibility.

Still, you have to give props to Nintendo for what they've done. The audiovisual quality is breathtaking, taking the GBA series closer to Super Metroid territory than any other title since. Everything is vibrant and lively and recreated in such detail on the small screen. The audio is a mix of the standard but classic sound effects with a mix of gothic and Gregorian music.