Mega Brain Boost DS Review

I rue the day that Nintendo unleashed Brain Age onto the world. Some people have always enjoyed solving puzzles or doing mental exercises, but never have I seen such an unfortunate deluge of "mind-enhancing" products on the marketplace. I've even started seeing brain training books sitting next to magazines in the grocery store checkout line!

I'm not seeing most of the products flying off the shelves either, which leads me to believe that some companies overestimated Americans' love of math problems and word scrambles beyond the pages of their daily newspapers.

Mega Brain Boost blends far too easily into this crowd of pretenders. Despite being pushed as a "3-in-1 game" deal, you'll find little more than 15 droll exercises that can be "mastered" in around half-an-hour.

Such "exciting" tasks as "Remember Colors" and "Addition" roughly mimic those you'll find in more complete braing training packages. Each session runs through 2 minutes or 30 questions of material, depending on which end is met first, and then it spits out a requisite percentage of how much the right side of your brain blossomed.

Yes, that's the hook Mega Brain Boost is using: Makoto Shichida's "right brain development theory." The instruction book goes out of its way to tell you just how awesome Dr. Shicida is, and while his resume is actually rather impressive, his techinques just don't translate into fun.

Despite the fact that I achieved "100% blossom" on just about every excerise on the first try, it's supposed to take about three months of daily training to see any real results. With little personality, a near absolute lack of fun, and no convenient way to track your progress like there is Brain Age, woe betide anyone who'd spend more than an hour with Mega Brain Boost, let alone 90 days.

If you want a good, fun, and challenging way to work your mind, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Professor Layton. The 130-odd logic puzzles found there-in will do more for your brain than wasting time and money on a poor Brain Age knock-off.

What's Hot: It's only $20

What's Not: Everything else