Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga GameBoy Advance Review

'Want' and 'need' are generally seen as interchangeable words, often used incorrectly by numerous individuals. Example: A grade school child petitioning his mother for the latest toy would plead that he needs the device. Does he really need the toy? Well, of course not. Unless the toy in question is a color specific HAZMAT suit in a nuclear wasteland - then it's probably a good idea.

That's why in directing people to play a game, a person must be careful not to overuse 'need' and 'want'. Sure, wanting people to play a game is fine and dandy; but that statement lacks the subtext power of telling a comrade he or she needs to play a game. It's a minute difference that makes a world of difference.

That said: you need to play Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, the latest Mario role-playing game for the Game Boy Advance. Without a doubt, there hasn't been a finer Game Boy Advance title crafted to this date. What's extremely interesting is all the liberties taken by Alpha Dream, the game's developers, in the creation of the title. The confines of the Mushroom Kingdom, where the majority of Mario Bros.. games take place, quickly disappear as Mario, Luigi and a couple of old friends make their way to the Bean Bean Kingdom. This all because of an ambush in ambassador's guise steals Princess Peach's voice to use the Bean Star, which is capable of granting a wish in conjunction with a pure voice.

Playing in a territory outside of the Mushroom King is a truly engrossing experience, as the land is as ripe for exploration. The scenery and setup is something to behold. Of course, many locals pay homage to the Mario Bros. in their own way, via sound and sight. For instance, don't be surprise when those infectious germs from Dr. Mario make an appearance in the game, or when classic tunes from the previous installments grace your ears.