LOL DS Review

Almost every DS owner knows that its bundled communication program, PictoChat, is good for sketching images of peoples' naughty bits, but only Agetec's LOL lets you make a game of it. Available exclusively through the company's website for $19.99, LOL is a great way to pass the time waiting in line, while stuck at the airport or an annoying family reunion. Just make sure the grownups don't see all those nasty things you drew.

On the back of the box, Agetec writes "If the game is boring, you are boring", and that's correct, at least to a degree. You see, LOL doesn't have a story, a main character or power ups to collect. It's merely a piece of blank canvas that you use to create trivia games and challenges. First, however, you need three other players, since LOL is multiplayer only. On the positive side, only one person needs to own the game, as the other three wirelessly download it onto their systems. In fact, you can only play if you find other people, so don't expect to mess around drawing or coming up with challenges and then saving them. Without other players, LOL is useless.

Once everyone logs in, you can make up goofy challenges and you have the freedom of doing whatever you want. You come up with an idea, pose it to your friends and have them answer/draw within a time limit (you select how long it lasts). After everyone finishes, you reveal their answers one by one and then vote to see who did the best. Each player has up to three votes, and they can vote for their own answer. This often leads to ties, but if their answers are funny enough, you'll LOL, and the head honchos at Agetec can sleep knowing they did a great job.

The back of the box has g-rated challenges. The first is an image of a panda bear sans face, and the host presumably asks his or her friends to add the eyes and mouth. Then there's a fill in the blank, where the host writes "My TV remote can do..."

That stuff's great if you're five, but us adults would much rather come up with pornographic images and phrases. Draw a giant [EXPLETIVE] and sketch a hairy [EXPLETIVE]. Now draw one infected with...well you know. There are limitless possibilities.

On the downside, that's all there is to it. LOL is as deep as you want to make it, but it only takes a matter of hours until it gets old. Still, it's great for gamers that don't feel like buying multiple copies of a game to enjoy multiplayer. Besides, since you cannot buy it in stores, LOL could be collectible years from now, so be sure to snag a copy and let your perverted fantasies fly.

What's Hot: Great for people with dirty minds, drawing works well, you may actually LOL!

What's Not: You need a good imagination to make this work, limited options, won't let you mess around without other players, not available in stores.