League of Evil 2 iPad Review

Most video game scientists are up to no good. Examples: Mega Man's Dr. Wily, the eggheads from GoldenEye and the diabolical nerds in Splosion Man.

That said, the geniuses in League of Evil trump them all, primarily because they had the balls to form an actual league hell bent on world domination, prompting the Global Defense Force to send its greatest warrior, the cyborg agent, to do what he does best: punch their freakin' heads off.

That was the premise behind the original game, and developer Ravenous Games felt no need to deviate from this course with the aptly titled League of Evil 2, which delivers over 100 levels of platform hopping madness.

Similar to the original, League of Evil 2 is the closest you'll get (for now) to playing Super Meat Boy on the iPhone or iPad. Each stage tasks you with traveling from point A to point B as fast as possible while avoiding all sorts of hazards, including enemies (guards, bazooka men, ninja style leapers), cannons, spikes and other instruments of death.

Reach the end, and you get to deck one of those bothersome scientists, causing his body to explode in a satisfying burst of gibs. Meanwhile, the developers put one briefcase in each stage as a sort of bonus objective. Snagging them, as expected, takes serious skill.

So what's new? Well, the levels, for starters, along with improved graphics, iPad support right out of the gate, iCloud support to go along with it and boss fights, which we don't think too highly of. They're OK, just a departure from the League of Evil formula.

For the most part, though, League of Evil 2 offers more of the same, which is definitely a good thing, since the first title is so much fun. For just $0.99 (the sale price, so be sure to act quickly), it makes for a great virtual companion, whether you intend to play for a few minutes or several hours. Besides, those scientists won't kill themselves.

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What's Hot: Over 100 levels of platforming bliss, splattering scientists, locating briefcases, universal support.

What's Not: Boss fights, difficulty may drive you nuts.