League of Evil iPhone Review

Super Meat Boy never appeared on the iPhone, but League of Evil is the next best thing. This addictive homage to Team Meat's Xbox Live masterpiece asks you to jump, slide and punch through 60 levels of spikes and soldiers, where one hit results in death and painful restarts. Even better, the game costs a buck, meaning there's no reason to avoid it.

League of Evil casts you as a super agent, charged with saving the world from a bunch of demented scientists. In fact, each of the game's levels features one of these eggheads, and it's your job to punch and subsequently decapitate him to succeed.

The game plays almost exactly like Super Meat Boy, where you must navigate through a series of obstacles en route to those brainy evildoers. Figuring out how to reach them in one piece, of course, is the biggest issue, since getting hit results in death. Meanwhile, the developers scattered briefcases throughout the levels that you can grab, just in case you crave a bigger challenge.

Overall, we think League of Evil is a lot of fun. The designers created 8-bit era graphics and music, and controls are easy to get used to, though we would have preferred a virtual analog stick to a d-pad. It makes the game tougher than it should be.

That said, don't let our opinion of the controls prevent you from downloading this retro style platformer. League of Evil isn't the most original game, but it's a lot of fun and worth your time. Now go out there and kill some scientists before they ruin everything.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

What's Hot: Super Meat Boy style gameplay, over 50 levels, old school graphics and music, decapitations, only costs a dollar.

What's Not: The d-pad makes the game harder than it should be.