Kona's Crate iPhone Review

The primary goal in Kona's Crate, to deliver a wooden box to a waiting Chief Kona, doesn't scream originality. We've seen plenty of games that challenge players to move an object from point A to point B. How you complete the task, though, is what separates this physics based platform racer from the competition. Prepare to receive a crash course in jet propulsion.

You see, the crate sits on a rocket-powered platform. To fire that sucker up, you press and hold the right and left sides of the screen to activate those respective jets. Pressing both at once sends the platform straight up, which would make things easier if Chief Kona were standing at the top of each level (60 total) waiting for you.

Instead, he's usually in some hard to reach location, forcing you to use the platform's physics to tilt in various directions, squeezing through narrow spaces while avoiding hazards like TNT, floating geysers and steam platforms.

Suffice to say, the game's quite difficult. Things start out simply enough, where a desperation toss is all it takes to chuck the crate in Kona's direction.

Later stages, however, take a ton of skill, a simple understanding of how to manipulate the platform and plenty of patience. Tilt just a hair too much, and the crate falls off, forcing you to restart.

What makes Kona's Crate even more challenging is the ever-present timer. It's in your best interest to finish as quickly as possible to ascend the online leaderboard and collect a maximum of three stars per level.

It's a fun game overall. Having to restart several times on one board gets a little crazy, but there's a wonderful sense of relief and satisfaction once you complete a stage.

Sadly, you cannot view a level before trying it (ala Angry Birds), which forces you to explore on the fly. This puzzling omission makes the game tougher than it should be.

On top of that, trying to snag that third star is a huge pain, especially when the crate takes roughly a second to pop open after it reaches Kona. Not a good idea when time is such a huge factor.

Despite these issues and a high learning curve, Kona's Crate is still worth a look. We just hope the developer tweaks the experience to make it better overall.

Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.

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What's Hot: Neat concept, cool physics, 60 unique stages, very addictive.

What's Not: Not a universal download, you cannot see a level before playing, time works against you.