Kami Retro iPhone Review

Most platform games feature an on-screen d-pad and buttons, but not Kami Retro. Gamevil's challenging App tasks you with guiding a group of dudes to a red door through gesture based controls, swiping the touch screen to move from points A to B. It definitely satisfies, especially if you have a soft spot for 8-bit graphics.

That said, don't expect an easy ride. The whacky looking heroes can't jump, so you must direct them safely to the exit while avoiding hazards like razor sharp spikes and hungry alligators. Whenever they approach a ledge, for instance, quickly drawing a diagonal line at just the right moment instructs them to jump, while sketching a horizontal line changes their direction.

Now imagine stringing several commands together and you'll have a good idea of the game's sheer insanity, and that barely scratches the surface of what Kami Retro has to offer. Later, you'll need to strategically place jump pads to reach high areas, and it's all in the timing. Expect to die. A lot.

Of course, this wouldn't be a platform game without collectible goodies. These come in the form of stars, and grabbing them all without dying will net the highest score. This is where the game truly excels, as you frantically attempt to beat each stage 100 percent while ascending the online leaderboards via Game Center. In this respect, the game sort of reminds us of Angry Birds, in the sense that beating levels takes just a couple of minutes, but going for 100 percent completion? That'll take hours.

Factor in those vibrant old school visuals and catchy tunes, and Kami Retro is a wonderful App that belongs on your iPhone. Even better, it's currently on sale for $0.99. You know what to do.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later.

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What's Hot: Graphics from back in the day, catchy music, cool gesture based controls, collecting all those stars.

What's Not: No universal support, at times extremely frustrating.