JellyCar 3 iPad Review

If JellyCar 3 were a tangible object, we'd run up and give it a big hug. Chalk that up to the game (more like the series') pillow like effects that make it the softest looking virtual App we've seen. In other news, it's also a lot of fun, and the fact that it's universal for both iPhone and iPad- at $0.99 no less- makes it a must download.

Much like its predecessors, the game retains its sketchbook style graphics and user-friendly controls. In this case, it's your job to guide a simple looking vehicle from the beginning of a level to the end in the fastest time possible, discovering secrets along the way.

You'll do this by taking advantage of JellyCar 3's sweet physics, using platforms to slingshot the vehicle through the air, rolling onto a switch that opens a door and even grabbing a balloon to float to the next area across 50 mostly challenging levels.

Thing is, despite the increased difficulty, the game remains easy to control. Tapping the right and left sides of the screen moves the car forwards and backwards, respectively, while tilting the device helps you turn right side up. You also have the option of rewinding time to correct mistakes, but you only receive ten, and must purchase additional rewinds separately.

That weird decision notwithstanding, JellyCar 3 is a cool experience with blocky vehicles and imaginative stages that take us back to elementary school with notebooks full of drawings; you know, the stuff we did instead of paying attention.

The only conceivable issues are the obvious omissions. Disney Mobile failed to include a level editor (you can only customize the cars), and you can't zoom in/out to get a lay of the land.

At the same time, developers can add these things via updates. JellyCar 3 may not be as feature packed as its prequel, but there's still plenty of value for the money. Be sure to download the game and give it a spin.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.

What's Hot: Fifty imaginative levels, simple controls, impressive physics, race against ghosts.

What's Not: No level editor, you can't zoom in/out, you need to purchase additional rewinds.