Golden Axe 3 iPhone Review

A short while ago, Sega completed the Streets of Rage trilogy on the App Store. Well, now it's Golden Axe's turn. The publisher released Golden Axe 3 for the iPhone, and it continues the series tradition of enjoyable (and mindless) hack and slash play. Whether or not this is worth $2.99 is up to you.

For the most part, Golden Axe 3 plays similar to its predecessors. You choose one of four characters and set off through a medieval inspired land full of club wielding bad guys, angry skeletons and other bozos, all because some loser named Damud Hellbringer made off with the mythical Golden Axe.

To stop this guy from essentially destroying the world, you'll go through the motions, pummeling enemies, attacking fast moving dwarves to obtain items and occasionally hopping on mounts, a series staple.

New to this game is the option of selecting different routes, individual special attacks for each warrior, a wider assortment of moves and new heroes (Golden Axe alum Gilius Thunderhead makes a cameo appearance). These subtle changes make the App enjoyable overall, but for the most part, it remains true to the franchise's roots.

All of this makes for a solid adventure that'll appeal to retro fans in search of a Genesis fix. At the same time, there's little to do once you plow through the main quest, aside from inviting a friend to play via Bluetooth. Regardless, the game takes roughly two hours to complete.

This makes Golden Axe 3 way overpriced (all of these games should be $0.99). That said, we still had fun pounding monsters into oblivion.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

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What's Hot: Faithful port of the Genesis classic, four warriors to choose from, expanded move lists, cool special attacks, Wi-Fi support.

What's Not: Repetitive, nothing to do after beating it, costs $2.99.