Get Outta My Galaxy! iPhone Review

Nintendo fans will likely experience deja vu upon seeing Ookoohko Oy's new iPhone App, Get Outta My Galaxy! While entertaining, the game bears a striking resemblance to Super Mario Galaxy, as the hero explores 3-D planetoids in the depths of space.

Said hero is Waka, a multi-armed critter that was enjoying a peaceful moment at home until some annoying aliens, the wikus, invaded. Now he (more like you) is on a mission to rid four solar systems of the bothersome pests by chasing after these buggers and slapping them to death, tapping the screen and watching Waka stretch his elastic arms to hit the wikus upside their heads.

Two things make the game irresistible, starting with the graphics. The developers did an excellent job rocketing the user into space with a variety of unique planets, thousands of stars and a cool lens flare effect from the sun. It's a little dark (Waka often blends into the environment), but for the most part, this is a sweet looking title.

On top of that, it's thoroughly enjoyable. Tilting the iPhone to control Waka couldn't be simpler, while the designers let you tap in all directions, depending on where you press the screen. In addition, a handful of power-ups give you the upper hand, including one that temporarily extends Waka's arms and another that lets him spin around, taking out both wikus and weird looking plants.

Overall, it's a wonderful App, with a variety of enemies and light puzzle elements that usually involve pushing objects or hitting switches. At the same time, Get Outta My Galaxy! feels a bit empty. The designers recycle music throughout the adventure, and the game doesn't become challenging until the middle of the second solar system.

Of course, you can't blame us for being critical. In a way, Get Outta My Galaxy! is somewhat of a tease, as it's the closest we'll get to playing Super Mario Galaxy on the iPhone, though it's unfair to hold this App to such lofty standards. Instead, appreciate this game for what it is: one heck of a good time.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.2 or later.

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What's Hot: Super Mario Galaxy inspired 3-D worlds, excellent tilt controls, sharp outer space themed graphics, looks great on the iPad.

What's Not: Recycled music, too easy.