Food Processing iPhone Review

If you enjoy chopping fruits and vegetables, download Food Processing, the latest iPhone and iPad App from Chillingo. The game challenges you to slice, pop and crush different types of food as it travels along a conveyor belt, scoring big points and climbing the online leaderboard. It's fast paced, attractive and most importantly, one heck of a good time.

The key to success involves knowing how to prepare each type of fruit or veggie. With peas, you must pop them out of their pods in rapid succession, while corn should be cut in three equal pieces. An eggplant needs its head sliced off, while a quick double tap will crush a walnut.

As expected, things start slowly, with a single piece of corn or eggplant moving from left to right across the screen. Perform well, and the belt speeds up. Before long, fruit and veggies travel at such a quick pace that you'll need keen eyes and fast fingers to succeed. At that point, though, you'll have such an adrenaline high that you'll enter a Zen like state, as your fingers zip all over the place; just make sure you don't allow three untouched objects to disappear off screen, or it's game over.

For the most part, Food Processing is a lot of fun, especially when you compete against friends for high scores. We also love that it's best played as a tabletop game, instead of holding the device.

That said, it's much better on the iPad (the HD version costs $1.99), since it's easier to identify and "process" things, but even with Apple's tablet, we had trouble with touch screen recognition, where we went through the motions and watched in dismay as the game failed to react. Perhaps we're not fast enough.

We also wish there were more variety with the food. There's a good mix of fruits and veggies, but you'll see everything the App has to offer in minutes.

Regardless of whether Chillingo releases additional content, Food Processing is a quality game worth your hard-earned cash, if for nothing else than a little stress relief. That pumpkin never had a chance.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Requirements (HD version): Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.

What's Hot: Neat concept, super addictive, online leaderboards, chopping stuff.

What's Not: HD version costs a buck extra, not enough fruits and veggies, questionable touch screen recognition.