Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero DS Review

After an impressive first-person adventure on the Nintendo Wii, the Elebits are back in a new game on the Nintendo DS. In Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero, you control the young boy Kai as he lands in an unpredictable situation. He's out palling around with his young Elebit buddy Zero when the two of them inexplicably travel back in time, thanks to an old school bus. Strangely enough, this bus also talks, but is unable to determine just where they are in history. So, they must work together in order to get back home.

The plot doesn't make sense and Kai has little character development, but your friendly cohorts, the Omega Elebits, steal the show. They're part of a unique capture system that enables you to snatch up weaker Elebits. You simply click or drag these smaller creatures and then tap on your Omega. Off they'll go, earning you combo points and eventually evolving into X Omega Elebits.

Rather than using the same first-person perspective as the Nintendo Wii version, Adventures of Kai and Zero utilizes a top-down view, ala Pokemon. This works reasonably well, as you'll be able to see the entire level using the system's dual screens. The character animation is cute, and there's a lot to interact with, whether you poke Elebits on-screen or shake trees to find more of them. There could've been more creative music and sound effects, but what's here will immerse you.

Although we enjoyed the game, a few issues kept it from greatness. First, you must solve several puzzles throughout each stage. The puzzles are fun, but occasionally you'll run into an obstacle that stops you dead in your tracks. You'll need the proper Elebit to overcome it, and sometimes it's not specifically clear which one to use for what purpose. Also, once you evolve your Elebit into X Omega form, you'll rarely need to go back to the weaker Omegas unless they're specifically needed for the short but memorable boss encounters. These X Omegas also prove to be an unfair advantage in the game's multiplayer mode, where you'll need to race a fellow Elebit master in collecting them.

Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero is a fun DS game worth experiencing. Sure, it has a few problems, but the enjoyable gameplay will keep you busy for hours.

What's Hot: Just as addictive as the Wii version, lots of puzzles to solve, fun boss fights, cute graphics.

What's Not: The X Omegas have too much of an advantage over the regular Omegas, easy obstacles are sometimes hard to overcome, multiplayer doesn't have as much replay value as it should.