Double Dragon Mobile Review

Well, the Double Dragon brothers simply won't quit, will they? Just when you think they're down for the count and eventually never making a comeback, here comes a game from Atlus for the Game Boy Advance that returns the brothers to pure butt-kicking form. I speak of Double Dragon EX, a surprising home rendition of the arcade favorite that I couldn't help but get into for a few days a while back. Now the brothers have invaded yet another portable, bringing their adventures to the mobile phone circuit. And if Double Dragon EX is any indication, they're in for the long haul.

The game puts you in control of Billy or Jimmy Lee as they battle merciless thugs through the streets, attempting to save a girl from doom and eventually getting to a few rough bosses. They have several moves in their arsenal, some of which can be pulled off due to some timely button presses. This might frustrate some who are expecting the simplicity of the arcade game, but don't let it, because it really adds to the fun. Being able to add some touches to your finishing of an enemy puts a smile on your face, trust me.

The game also features some good looking graphics, emulating the old arcade games almost perfectly with decent animation and simple, slapped-on backdrops. The sound is pretty good as well, complete with music and sound effects that can be played alternatively. It would've been nice to play them both together at the same time, but I guess there's only so much audio your cell phone can take.

The game lacks a two-player feature, and eventually might find itself running out of replayability after a few times through, but the fact Bandai and Eolith have done the game so well for the cell phone market is good news for us Lee fans. Double Dragon EX is worth the download, as powerful as a kick to the face. But without the pain.

What's Hot: Emulates the classic game pretty well.

What's Not: Why do the music and sound effects play separately?