Destructopus! iPhone Review

The unwritten law of video games states that if you call your latest App Destructopus!, you better deliver an enjoyable action romp full of terrified humans, attack choppers, tanks and one pissed off sea creature.

Apparently, the good folks at GlitchSoft Inc. are fully aware of this and did their best to make sure this over the top, humorous and satisfying title lets players the world over get their giant monster stomping fix.

To that end, Destructopus! is sort of like Rampage, except with bigger levels. The basic goal, though, remains the same: obliterate anything that gets in your path, be it helicopter, building or pesky machine gun toting bozos foolish enough to stand up to a several hundred foot tall octopus creature.

It's a fun experience for the most part. Things blow up real good, and the monster's eye laser gives you the chance to do some rather dastardly things, like blowing up a shipping container to squash annoying soldiers.

In addition, the game has a store that lets you purchase a variety of abilities and upgrades, from spitting attacks to the devastating flame breath.

We also can't help but laugh at the environmental theme, especially when it involves rescuing trapped panda bears and elephants. Clearly, this Destructopus has a heart of gold.

Is it perfect? Not exactly. The developers want you to cough up a buck to play as a different character when the game already costs $1.99 (a dollar too high, by our estimation), and it's tough to dodge so many projectiles, which resulted in numerous unwanted deaths.

On top of that, the action moves a bit slow, with some choppy animations. Bottom line, things could've been more fluid.

The biggest offense, though, comes with the controls. Tapping the bottom of the screen to hit things and then tapping the middle to chomp doesn't work as well as it should. If anything, the designers should release an update with virtual buttons.

That said, Destructopus! offers a few hours of anarchy, and the old school graphics definitely give it that Rampage vibe. Rise from the depths and cause a little mayhem.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

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What's Hot: Plenty of mayhem, humorous environmental theme, retro graphics, a great selection of power-ups.

What's Not: A bit repetitive, slow paced, you need to spend $0.99 to unlock a bonus character, awkward controls.