Deadlock Online iPad Review

Deadlock Online, the latest from Aralon developer Crescent Moon Games, is a dual stick third person shooter that throws you into online multiplayer matches where the primary goal is to kill people and earn valuable unlock points that go towards purchasing new weapons and gear. It's a novel idea, and the fact that the game's free helps, but glitches mar the experience.

That's a shame, because Deadlock is like a Thanksgiving turkey with all the trimmings. The game supports up to eight players simultaneously, comes with five maps with more on the way and a variety weapons spread across the following categories: Rifles, SMGS, LMGS and Shotguns. On top of that, you also have armor and a bunch of attachments to buy, including scopes, sights and a silencer.

There's little variety in the match types, with Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture and Hold, but it's enough to get buy, especially with such a grind it out leveling system.

That said, Deadlock Online has some nagging issues, starting with the two virtual sticks that are just two small for gamers with large thumbs.

The biggest problem, though, is the annoying lag that infests the entire App, even the menus. We'll attempt to visit the Armory and have to wait several moments till the game catches up, and this happens offline, which makes it even worse.

In addition, we countered some odd bugs online, with gamers running in place, invisible bullets and watching helplessly as our characters died under mysterious circumstances.

Disappointing, because the game has a ton of potential, with GameCenter support, achievements, leaderboards, the aforementioned weapons and the ability to transfer accounts to another iPhone or iPad, all smart decisions.

At the same time, we refuse to put up with the nonsense. One or two updates will probably zap the bugs, but for now, Deadlock Online is a below average and frustrating shooter you should avoid, even at the low price of free.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.

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What's Hot: Lots of weapons and attachments, eight person online matches, GameCenter support, free to play, universal.

What's Not: Too much lag, small virtual sticks, assorted bugs.