Contract Killer 2 Android Review

Contract Killer 2 for iOS and Android, similar to its prequel, lets players take on the role of a sniper, charged with snuffing high-value targets. That said, you don't take into account distance or wind. The game doesn't hide its arcade nature. Instead, you simply zoom in, line up virtual bad guys and put bullets in their heads, the result of which produce satisfying splashes of red. To that end, this sequel serves up a similar experience with new weapons and other toys to play with, along with different locations and perhaps the best feature of all, silent takedowns. Blasting bad guys is fun, no question, but there's something to be said for killing them with throwing knives, or sneaking up behind an unsuspecting enemy and bludgeoning the poor sap with brass knuckles.

Taking this into account, you can expect variety, not just with the weapons and attachments (scopes, silencers), but also missions that task you with using stealth, defusing explosives or just blasting your way to victory. The fact that developer/publisher Glu Mobile forces you to complete these objectives against a constantly ticking clock ramps up the intensity.

Splattering people's brains results in cash (the first and easiest currency to obtain) and XP, which goes towards leveling up and gaining access to more expensive toys. The game always suggests the best possible equipment for the job, so a large portion of one's enjoyment comes from purchasing a plethora of sniper, assault and melee weapons (think taser and a tactical knife), along with body armor, flashbang grenades and med kits. Glu was also wise to implement a Frequent Killer Club Card that lets you earn bonuses for in-game achievements, like scoring 10 kills with the last bullet in a magazine, or getting 50 kills using a red dot sight.

Of course, if you play freemium iOS and Android games, then you already know there's a catch. The best gear requires a crazy number of credits, and good luck locating those in the heat of battle. The easiest way to nab some is through in-app purchase.

Naturally, you don't have to spend anything to play Contract Killer 2, but eventually you hit a wall that seems impossible to climb, as the mission difficulty ramps up considerably because you lack the necessary guns to get the job done. At least on the positive side, you can still get pretty far with the more accessible weapons, thanks in large part to computer opponents that stand around in plain sight.

One thing's for sure, Contract Killer 2 looks better than its predecessor, with more detailed locations, including New York, Moscow and Dubai. This also includes Retina display support for the new iPad; these areas repeat more than we'd like. As for the audio, the gun blasts sound authentic and the music drives home that super spy theme. The repeating dialogue ("He shot me!"), though, gets old.

By and large, Contract Killer 2 is an improvement over the original in every respect. If you crave an arcade style sniping game with guns galore, you could do a lot worse than this blood-filled shooter.

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What's Hot: A satisfying mix of high-powered weapons, earning rewards through in-game achievements, levels sport international flavor, melee kills, Retina display support.

What's Not: Locations repeat, tough to complete the harder missions without the best gear, brain dead A.I.