Burger Cat iPad Review

Summer's almost here, and you know what that means. If you said ladies in bikinis, that's the second best answer, but we were looking for BBQs, and lots of them. Time to put on our chef hats, fire up the grill and make with the noms, and no one's more excited for this than Burger Cat, a domesticated feline that would rather devour a cheeseburger than chase a mouse. At least that's what we took from Ravenous Games' latest iPhone and iPad release, also called Burger Cat, a delightful game that'll leave you scratching your head and craving delicious meat.

As the story goes, Burger Cat is all set to grill the heck out of some burgers until an experiment gone awry scatters them across 60 different levels. Undeterred and mighty hungry, the goofy looking feline sets off to retrieve each cheeseburger to basically devour them all.

That said, don't expect a platform experience akin to League of Evil and League of Evil 2, as Burger Cat is actually a puzzle game. Each stage tasks you with creating safe passage for Burger Cat using a limited number of resources. There's a pickaxe to chop through rock, a decoy mouse that causes Burger Cat to change direction, trampolines and platforms, where you place these floating pieces of land to help him across bottomless pits.

The challenge comes from envisioning the best possible route for Burger Cat to travel, then carrying out your plan. Again, you have limited resources. It may include six chances to use the pickaxe, five platforms and two trampolines, or two pickaxes and one decoy mouse. What's more, you needn't use them all to complete a stage, so it's perfectly fine to have leftovers.

On that note, we love the strategic element. We'll just sit on the couch plotting different ways to ferry Burger Cat from point A to point B, cursing aloud whenever he plummets into a hole, or takes a bad bounce off a trampoline.

Even better, the game has an outstanding yet minimalist presentation. Burger Cat's ridiculously cute and huggable. He's that dopey pet we've all had at some point. Then there's the light-hearted and catchy music that we still have trapped in our heads. Quality stuff.

With this in mind, the only thing that drags the game down are imprecise controls, where we'll go to perform some action, and it'll take more than one tap to punch in the command. Ravenous should fix this in a future update.

Even if they don't, though, Burger Cat is a wonderful puzzler starring a character we hope makes a second appearance, be it sequel, spinoff or even apparel; a Burger Cat-branded chef's apron springs to mind. For now, spend the $0.99 and enjoy one of the App Store's best, and make sure you invite us over for some burgers in June.

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What's Hot: Dopey and loveable Burger Cat, 60 challenging stages, satisfying gameplay.

What's Not: Tap controls need work.