Bugs Wars iPad Review

Killing zombies never gets old, but we cannot exist on flesh eating freaks alone. Thankfully, Chillingo stepped in with its recent iOS shooter, Bugs Wars, an App that throws a mess of aliens onto the screen and challenges us to blast these suckers to bits using a variety of futuristic weapons. If nuking your iPad sounds like fun, this is $1.99 well spent.

You play Bugs Wars from a first person perspective, but you never move your character within a 3-D space. Instead, you simply guide a cursor around the screen, place it over an alien and then tap the fire button to turn the critter into bloody globs of flesh. Meanwhile, the game's developers let you bring up to three weapons to a fight, and you're able to switch between them on the fly. These include such deadly toys as the plasma gun (the single shot default weapon with unlimited ammo), a plasma machine gun, rocket launcher, nuclear bomb and bow and arrow, among others; you purchase additional weapons/ammo using money collected during play.

How do you deposit cash into your bank account? By rescuing the hapless humans in each level. Aliens pop up from all directions (sometimes underneath the survivors), and you must save these bozos from a horrific death by frantically blasting enemies, paying close attention to the many different types of baddies and then using the right weapons to get the job done; this is especially important during boss fights. Rescue just one person, and you move on to the next level. Lose them all, and it's game over.

For the most part, Bugs Wars delivers a satisfying mix of guns, user-friendly controls and simple yet attractive graphics, complete with online leaderboards. We also love the fact that it's a universal App for both the iPhone and iPad.

On the downside, enemies tend to overlap, which makes shooting them more frustrating than it should be, while on a more personal level, the game failed to hold our collective interest over extended periods of time. At the end of the day, we were OK with putting it down for a few days and then coming back to it, instead of enjoying marathon sessions; the game lacks that addictive punch.

At the same time, this is a well-made and cool shooter with plenty of value, from the wealth of unlocked weaponry to the plethora of action packed levels. For two bucks, it's worth the investment.

What's Hot: Univeral App, user-friendly controls, lots of weapons, enjoyable shooting, online leaderboards.

What's Not: Enemies overlap, not as addictive as we'd hoped.