Brave Shot Mobile Review

Square Enix hasn't delved too much into the category of shooters over their career span. A little Einhander here, a little...well, gee, Einhander was it for the PlayStation, wasn't it? Now comes Brave Shot, a game for your cell phone that's built a little simpler than it should be, but still manages to maintain enough shooting action to pass some good times.

The game puts you in control of a lone spaceship shooting at armadas of enemies, with the occasional large boss to take down in a fair amount of time. You know the drill, the game follows a similar pattern to other shooters alongside it. The graphics and sound barely stand aside either, and that's kind of a disappointment. This IS a Square Enix product, after all, so you expect some kind of diversity somewhere.

Past that, however, the gameplay remains fine and responsive, especially with the mutli-fire option and the challenge level remaining where it is. I would've liked to see something more, but as is, at least the game is capable and enjoyable. Brave Shot is worth braving, if only for a little while.

What's Hot: Fast paced and a great time for shooting fans.

What's Not: Not very inventive in design.