Bomberman Land Touch! 2 DS Review

Kids, it's time to get your bomb back on. Bomberman's back on the Nintendo DS in the follow-up to the 2006 hit Bomberman Land Touch. With a few noted improvements, part two manages to stay on the same course of the original. It's lots of fun to play, whether you're toiling away at mini-games in Story Mode or challenging others through the power of connection in multiplayer Battle Mode. It's not significantly changed, but, then again, it doesn't need to be.

The story's pretty much useless, but you need to follow it if you want to get through Story Mode. You basically take part in a tournament in order to become the next big bombing sensation. You know, like that crazy guy in that Tick episode that yells, "THE MIDNIGHT BOMBER WHAT BOMBS AT MIDNIGHT!", but not nearly as obsessed about it. It's pretty weak, but it works better here than in the inferior Bomberman Land games for PSP and Wii. The world's much more open-ended here, as you can follow tasks to your liking. However, if you require certain direction to get through the game, you can turn to emails from your friends, who give you an idea where to go.

Story Mode is structured with a series of mini-games. While a couple of them could've used a little redesigning so they weren't so frustrating, most of the forty offerings here are very solid. They utilize the Nintendo DS touch screen, requiring certain actions to get through them. You'll be kicking soccer balls and shooting baskets in no time flat, while also taking part in more obscure activities. What's up with the Flash Yeti, you ask? Well, that's a little gem you'll just have to discover for yourself. The presentation is mostly solid, with cute little animatics and bouncy sound, but it's not leaps and bounds above the first game. In fact, if you were to take away some of the subtle touches in the game, it can easily be confused with the original Touch.

Along with the substantial Story Mode, Bomberman Land Touch 2 also boasts a terrific multiplayer Battle Mode. Here, you can take on four friends through Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection, or, even better, challenge seven other local friends through one freakin' cartridge for multiplayer supremacy. No doubt that this is the best part about the game, as the multiplayer component really heats up with numerous new power-ups and plenty of stuff to blow up. My only real tiff about this is that it's not really compatible with the first game, which is kind of sad. Why couldn't we interconnect with those who were playing the Battle Mode with the first Touch, I wonder. Is Hudson Soft really that desperate for moolah? Oh well...

If you're expecting a new Bomberman experience, well, you won't find it here. Besides, anytime Bomberman goes into "new" territory, we end up with a bastardized piece of work like Bomberman Act Zero on the Xbox 360. I'm having a convulsion just thinking about that waste of programming time. Bomberman Land Touch 2 does exactly what it needs to do, lets you bomb your way through various mini-games and an insanely fun battle mode for a pretty modest price. While it's by no means a classic like the awesome Saturn Bomberman, it's still one of the best portable entries in the series to date. It definitely has the magic Touch.

What's Hot: Great open ended gameplay in story mode; fun mini-games; Battle Mode rocks online and off

What's Not: Story's kinda bland; online play isn't compatible with the first Touch, mostly the same as the original game.