Asphalt Urban GT DS Review

I grew up in a pretty strict household, so while many of you were dating and hanging out in malls when you were young, I spent much of my childhood inside my home. My only alone time that I got as a preteen was the privilege of taking my bike across the street to the elementary school parking lot, where I'd basically just ride around in circles for an hour or two. Not exactly what you'd call freedom, but it felt good to be outside, and the lot, when it wasn't bursting with church traffic, was pretty large, but it got old fast. I certainly had the stamina to peddle around that sucker until the sun went down, but it didn't take me long to explore every nook and cranny. As the weeks went by, I just didn't feel like going across the street anymore.

The same can be said of Ubisoft and developer Gameloft's Asphalt Urban GT for the Nintendo DS. A fully 3D racing game, there's nothing particularly wrong with Asphalt, but there's also nothing too spectacular about it either, and in many ways it reminds me of those lonely trips around the school lot.

At first it appears that the game is brimming with stuff to do. There are a decent collection of licensed cars from manufacturers Volkswagen, Audi, Ford, Jaguar, Lamborghini, and Hummer, among others, and there are a handful of detailed tracks to race on that are based on real world locations such as Hong Kong, Paris, and Cuba.

The problem with this racing experience is it gets old way too fast, the reason being that it doesn't bring anything new to the genre aside from its visuals, (which are good by DS standards but are by no means dazzling) and wireless multiplayer for up to five players. Unfortunately, while it's easy to set up and runs very smoothly, it isn't particularly thrilling because the fastest car will win most of the time. When you top that off with a horrible sensation of speed (racing around in a Hummer just isn't fun) and a replay mode that for some reason removes traffic (so you'll watch your car bump into invisible stuff) you're left with a racing game that isn't really worth playing unless you're an avid automobile fan.