Actraiser Mobile Review

I remember playing Actraiser back on the SNES, a wondrous classic in its own right with terrific music by Yuzo Koshiro, an excellent mix of RPG elements and action stages, and just that great feeling of a game you can't get enough of. Now, Macrospace has picked up the game for cell phone release, although it doesn't quite feel that complete.

Maybe that's because the RPG parts of the game have been voided out. No more messing with a world map or building communities that have once been scuttled. This may bum out hardcore fans of the game, as it only leaves the game's great action stages. There's plenty of 'em here, as well as bosses to take on and great controls. But, really, that means the game is beaten quicker than you'd expect.

Still, at least it was ported with respect. The graphics and sound are appealing, and even some of the game's excellent music is kept faithful. Not all of it, mind you, but a good chunk. Actraiser seems to be revisioned just for the action sake of it, and those who leaned over that kind of thing from the original game will be in heaven here. Everyone else may just want to stick to the SNES classic.

What's Hot: Plenty of action to "raise" up with; great graphics; Yuzo-powered music.

What's Not: The RPG/town building elements are long gone.