A Little Turbulence iPad Review

For the record, we have nothing against the music in With, LLC's iPhone and iPad release, A Little Turbulence. It certainly does the job, but if you want to enhance the experience tenfold...

With that out of the way, let us tell you why we dig this fun little retro game.

Eight bit pixel art, classic NES inspired music, simple controls...A Little Turbulence has that in spades. The app puts you in control of a tiny cloud that dreams of growing bigger, and you do this by dragging the adorable pile of fluff around the screen, merging with other clouds while avoiding objects outlined in red.

The more clouds you absorb, the larger yours becomes. This is key, because your health/mass bar decreases over time and takes a huge hit whenever an enemy strikes you, so it's important to keep it topped off. Then, when the cloud reaches maximum mass, it temporarily enters Rage Mode, transforming into a fearsome storm that cuts through everything, from flocks of birds to helicopters and even jetliners. And yes, you take down planes. Please spare us the "I can't believe you blow up planes" comments, or the game has "floaty" controls. You're a cloud.

That's essentially the gist of it. There are power-ups that give the cloud a boost, but for the most part, you just play as long as possible, devouring enemies to score points. Then you hit the Game Center leaderboards to see how you compare against other players.

No crazy graphics that take advantage of the new iPad's screen, or revolutionary features that push it ahead of the more advanced titles on the App Store. Just simple retro-themed goodness that kept us hooked much longer than we thought it would.

Cool on its own, but much better with some Lil John.

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What's Hot: Light-hearted retro fun that grows more intense the longer you play, destroying stuff while in Rage Mode, passing our friends on the Game Center leaderboard.

What's Not: Becomes a bit repetitive.