3D Classics: Urban Champion 3DS Review

Urban Champion was the first fighting game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, circa 1986.

Twenty-five years later, it's just as bad.

Consider this one of Nintendo's few accidents, a boring, simplistic and downright awful NES title that failed to thrill over two decades ago, and therefore had no right to reappear on the company's 3DS as part of the weak 3D Classics collection.

The game throws you into one-on-one battles against the computer, where the goal is to basically punch and kick the other guy into a manhole before time expires.

Oh, and occasionally, someone will drop a flowerpot from a window you'll need to dodge, and the cops show up when the clock runs out. That's essentially the gist of it. It's a two button game with little reward for plowing through opponents.

The 3DS edition, like Excitebike and Xevious before it, displays in glasses free 3D, including a new camera angle that offers more depth, but it falls flat. A bunch of buildings sit in the background, offering little to no eye candy. It's a huge waste of resources.

That perfectly sums up Nintendo's decision to bring this below average experience to 3DS. With a wonderful back catalogue full of critically acclaimed gems, one of the last games we expected to see was Urban Champion.

Do yourself a favor and avoid this fight.

What's Hot: Forgetting this game exists.

What's Not: Wasted 3D effects, monotonous gameplay, costs $4.99 too much.