Zombie Smasher Android Review

Zombie Smasher is a casual-friendly Android game that definitely lives up to its title. Available free-of-charge from developer Italy Games, it tasks players with squashing seven types of zombies as the creatures appear on screen. With 60 levels to master, three power-ups and gross squishing noises, it's bound to attract attention.


Everything revolves around the concept of tapping the play area to eliminate undead while at the same time preventing those suckers from reaching the bottom of the screen; players begin with three hearts, and each missed zombie causes players to lose one. You also want to avoid touching neighborhood kids (as a general rule, actually), as doing this once ends the game.

Things begin innocently enough, with basic zombies easily destroyed, leaving behind popped eyeballs and some guts. Business picks up once the trickier enemies appear, like the zombies that teleport horizontally, or the driller that is only vulnerable when it's above ground. Increased numbers also prove difficult, as you frantically tap the screen to crush them all.


Revolutionary concept? Of course not, but it's fun all the same, especially when it comes to scoring three stars per level in Story mode, or just seeing how many zombies you can kill in Time mode. On top of that, the developers sell power-ups through in-app purchase, each of which prevents a nasty situation. Meat that lures the zombies? Lightning that instantly fries the buggers? Bombs? All can be yours for a price.

Not that you have to pay anything to enjoy Zombie Smasher. Just be aware that the game grows progressively (dare we say impossibly) difficult, but so long as you have quick fingers, you should have no trouble crushing baddies in just minutes a day.

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What's Hot:Cool squishing sound, power-ups, seven zombie types, three modes.

What's Not:Not much depth, ad supported.