Great Big War Game Issue Makes iPad 3 Version Unplayable


Rubicon has contacted Modojo to confirm that a fix has been submitted to Apple, and will be deployed to the App Store as soon as it's been approved. The developer has also posted further details surrounding the issue over at its official forums.

Original story

Great Big War Game developer Rubicon Mobile has warned iPad 3 owners of an unspecified issue that makes the game unplayable on the device. The developer also warns that multiplayer matches can become corrupted as a result, but a fix is currently under development and will be released soon. We've contacted Rubicon for an update on the situation and we'll bring you any news as soon as we hear back.

In better news, version 1.2.2 has brought with it a host of tweaks and fixes to the game to improve Great Big War Game for players in general. Here's the full list of optimizations:

- Fixed hang when opponent with infantry in a jeep in a ferry tried to move that jeep onto an adjacent empty ferry.

- Fixed issue where fast-forwarding an opponent's turn would occasionally yield a different result than to watching it at normal speed. This is related to some instances of ferry disembarkation.

- Dead buildings no longer open up the fog. Note that if something else reveals part of a larger dead building, all of it will be shown regardless, as always.

- Added an option in Help & Options -> Settings to toggle on much slower text dialogs.

- Friends list now sorted correctly when picking someone to challenge.

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