First Lumines Mobile Screens & Details

Ubisoft's Lumines undoubtedly sold more than a few PSPs to hardcore puzzle fanatics. It remains to this day one of the strongest-reviewed products on the platform. We at Modojo even awarded it a perfect score. It came as no surprise when a PSP sequel and PS2 remix were announced.

Slightly more surprising is the news that Gameloft is bringing the frachise to the mobile platform. The company informed Modojo that is has been hard at work on the game for some time, ensuring that it did its PSP predecessor justice. That didn't scare Gameloft away from making some pretty major additions to the original's gameplay formula, however. We'll know the full story at E3 but for now it seems as though Lumines Mobile is actually a more progressive sequel than the PSP's Lumines 2. Game features include:

  • 11 skins/musical tracks across an eclectic mixture of genres including house, reggae, and electronica. Tracks from Mondo Grosso and Andy Hunter have been confirmed, but the rest remain under wraps, for now.
  • A total of six game modes - The original's Time Attack, Single Skin, Challenge, and Puzzle mode, and vs., plus an all-new arcade mode.
  • Arcade mode was designed specifically with mobile play in mind, and brings a variety of new features to the table. Multiple types of blocks will be discovered and unlocked - some will boost your high score, while others will spark off explosions that will clear the screen.
  • Additional shapes beyond the traditional "square" are present, as well as a third color, creating an additional layer of depth and difficulty at high levels of play.

    Modojo will have a full hands-on report of Lumines Mobile next week at E3, as well as an interview with Mr. Mizuguchi to discuss the game, so keep it here for your handheld gaming fix.

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