Chin Up Delivers Crazy Balancing Hijinks

Touch Village's new iOS and Android title, Chin Up, automatically wins the award for first mobile game to feature a level inspired by Vatican City. Whether or not it'll receive critical acclaim is TBA.

That said, this bizarre app stars construction worker Mr. Chin, a nimble little guy balancing on a dangerous platform. It's your job to keep him alive by manipulating said platform and avoiding all manner of debris falling from the sky, a list that includes sushi, dumplings and in a strange twist, severed cat heads. You'll see Paris, don the white robes and even battle a dragon. Yup, all in a day's work.

The game's free, and quite frankly, seems kooky enough to become a cult hit. We'll definitely have more on Chin Up later this week. For now, watch the trailer and soak in the crazy.

Download Chin Up (iOS)

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